Reservation terms

Conditions for making reservations at the Länsitalo Farm:

Reservation and payments

Reservations are confirmed after a deposit (20% of the total) or when total payment is received by the due date. When a deposit is made, the remainder of the payment should be paid at least four weeks before the beginning of the rental.

If the reservation is made less than four weeks before the beginning of the rental, the entire sum must be paid at once.

If payment is not made by the due date, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.


Reservation cancellation

Cancellation must be done in writing (by letter or email). The cancellation is officially made when it is received by the Farm. When the reservation is cancelled, the deposit will be retained. If the cancellation is made less than 14 days before the rental begins, the entire sum will still need to be paid unless Koivula can be rented to somebody else.

If the cancellation is due to an emergency medical situation (a doctor’s note is required), the entire sum minus an administrative fee of 50€ will be returned to the guest.


Farm’s right to cancel the reservation

In case of force majeure, the Farm retains the right to cancel the reservation. In such a case, the Farm is obliged to immediately inform guests about the cancellation and return the entire rental amount. Other possible expenses that may occur due to force majeure cancellations are not the responsibility of the Farm.


Termination of stay due to misconduct

The owner retains the right to terminate the reservation if the guest, ignoring the remarks of the owner, continues to cause a disturbance or create danger in the rented cottage or the immediate vicinity of the Farm. All costs arising from such situations will be billed to the guest.


Arrival, receiving and returning keys, and staying in the vacation rental

Friday is generally the arrival day. The cottage is available from 6pm on the arrival day until noon of the departure day. Weekend rentals run from 6pm on the arrival day until 6pm on the departure day.

Keys will be given to guests only if the entire rent has been paid. Guests are responsible for keys during their stay. In case the key is lost, guests are responsible for covering the cost of changing the locks.

Rent of the cottage includes use of the furniture, basic kitchen utensils, dishwashing machine, and other electrical appliances. The guests must bring their own toilet paper and napkins. Bedcovers and pillows are included in the rent, but guests must bring their own sheets and towels. They are also available for rent in the Farm for 12€ / set. Sheets must be used on the beds.

The cottage can be occupied by the number of people agreed upon in the rental agreement. Pets are NOT allowed in the cottage. Smoking is NOT allowed indoors. Using RVs and tents in the vicinity of the cottage is allowed only upon prior agreement with the owner.

Guests are responsible for the final cleaning of the cottage. Cleaning can also be ordered in advance from the Farm. Final cleaning includes: emptying the garbage, vacuuming the floors, washing the floors (if necessary), washing the dishes and emptying the dishwasher, cleaning all visible stains, tidying stuff, and making the beds. If the final cleaning is ordered from the Farm, it is expected that the cottage will still be left in normal living condition (e.g. furniture and appliances are in their right places and intact, the garbage is emptied; note that removal of feces and vomit are not included in the cleaning service). The yard needs to look neat as well. In case of incomplete final cleaning, the Farm has the right to add an additional 50% to the normal cleaning fee of 125€.

Children are allowed to play under their parent’s responsibility in the yard, which includes a playhouse, a sandbox and a swing.


Replacement fee

In case of damage, guests are requested to pay the replacement fee directly to the owner.



All complaints concerning the rental unit’s equipment or condition should be made immediately upon arrival and during the holidays. If the issue is not addressed after the complaint is made, the guest may leave a written complaint directly for the owners.

-          Länsitalo Farm retains the right to change prices

-          VAT is charged according to the price at the time of the rental

-          VAT is included in the price


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